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Meet Petra

Hey, thanks for your interest in my books! Since publishing my first book, My Three Men, people have been asking me why I decided to become a writer, and my answer is always the same: I became a writer to tell stories about women who are not afraid to live their deepest desires. My stories are always sexy, but they also almost always depict women choosing to live life on their own terms. Life isn’t always perfect…people dump us…relationships get bumpy…people aren’t always who we thought they were…but through it all if we are true to ourselves and have the courage to live as we want to live, then things generally tend to work out for the best. It’s in this spirit that I write the stories I do. I hope you enjoy the stories I write, but more than that I hope my stories empower you to live life on your terms. Voice your desires. Live your fantasies. Call the shots.